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School Readiness


What does ‘school readiness’ mean? This can be interpreted in so many ways; however, to parents the direct translation is as follows: Is my child ready to start school?

Our goal at The Garden Nursery and Pre-School is to give each child the opportunity to achieve the outcomes below:

    •    To be able to separate from their parent or main carer
    •    To be able to clearly demonstrate their ability to listen and follow age appropriate instructions
        To be able to show an interest in a variety of subjects, paying attention to the subject or activity they are taking part in
        To have enough of a range of vocabulary and language to express their needs, feelings, thoughts or ideas
        To be able to identify themselves by name, age, state factors in their life, name family members etc…
        To be able to interact in an age appropriate way with another child or adult
    •    To be able to interact, share and play, taking responsibility for their actions, understanding repercussions for their           actions
        To focus on and show an interest in the work they are undertaking 
        To be able to observe, notice, discuss and ask questions about their environment and experiences
        To be able to engage with books, have some understanding of words and language
        To respond to boundary setting
        To be able to vocalise their needs such as toileting, thirst, hunger illness etc…


The Garden Nursery and Pre-School will work towards each and every one of these outcomes. Our focus is to ensure the children are ready for their next step in their education, preparing them for the challenges, adventure and excitement ahead.