The Garden Nursery & Pre-School

“ We offer each child a happy, safe, secure and healthy journey.”


Food is an integral part of daily life. It enables growth, provides us with important nutrients, and gives us fuel to move.


At The Garden Nursery we provide your child with a healthy balanced diet, whilst introducing new tastes and textures. Wherever possible our produce is locally sourced and is delivered fresh to our door each morning.


Meal times are important times for everybody, no matter how old. We encourage the children to become independent in their eating and to use a knife and fork whilst sitting at a table. This will allow the children and adults a chance to sit down, rest and enjoy each other’s company whilst chatting about their day.


We provide breakfast and will offer a mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and tea.


If your child has any dietary requirements, then we will always adjust recipes or prepare meals to cater for your child’s needs.

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